Audit: Illinois overdrew federal Medicaid dollars

Washington Times –

CHICAGO (AP) — Federal auditors have found that Illinois used faulty methods for withdrawing federal Medicaid money, resulting in overdraws the state later had trouble repaying.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General released the report Monday.

The report says Illinois created “a perpetual ‘treadmill effect’” as it continued to overdraw and repay later.

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2 Responses to Audit: Illinois overdrew federal Medicaid dollars

  1. Carol says:

    Typical Illinois Democrats! They think they can do whatever they please. Well I find it interesting that Quinn see nothing wrong with his deceit and lies and Madigan and the rest of the gang keep adding taxes to our backs. Plus Madigan wants taxpayers to add the burden of a BO library on top of us being near bankruptcy.
    How do these same politicians keep getting elected? How stupid are the voters? Does the word DEMOCRAT = truth, budget, honesty, common sense, prosperity, job growth, tax cuts, lower property taxes, union reform, cutting governmental agencies (since Illinois has the most of ALL states), etc.?
    Time for Illinois voters to WAKE UP! Vote the liars in office out…..can it get any worse?
    Vote republican and/or conservative………don’t go by the endorsement of unions or the liberal newspapers! Vote to make Illinois a winning state. Let’s not loss any more of it’s population, let’s get our schools to offer a higher standard of education, let’s get our kids off the streets and into the classrooms, let’s welcome manufacturing jobs back, let’s get the black communities ti strive and be proud, etc. And since Illinoisans haven’t seen this in way too many years that is ONLY MORE PROOF that WE MUST VOTE THE DEMOCRATS OUT OF OFFICE>
    Voters MUST take their state back and once again be proud to live in Illinois!

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