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CHICAGO – A new poll shows that several incumbent Aldermen in Chicago are in trouble, and that a hypothetical Republican candidate for mayor is only six points behind Karen Lewis.

The poll conducted August 8-10 on behalf of the Chicago Republican Party tested the effect of adding a “qualified Republican” to the mix in the mayor’s race and in a number of Aldemanic races. In some wards an unnamed, hypothetical Republican was a strong contender for Alderman.

The raw data for the poll is here: Mayoral survey dataAldermanic survey dataPoll questions

In Chicago’s 43rd Ward, for example, incumbent Michele Smith was the choice of 37.3% of voters and a “qualified Republican” was only 13 points behind with 23.6%. 39.2% were undecided.

In other wards, the undecided vote was high enough that a Republican could be a contender. In the 2nd Ward, for example, a “qualified Democrat” gained 34.7% of the respondents, a “qualified Republican” gained 18.4%, with 46.9% undecided.

“Contrary to belief, voters in Chicago are open to a Republican if the right candidate emerges,” said Chris Cleveland, Vice Chairman of the Chicago GOP. “In the 43rd Ward, an unnamed, hypothetical, invisible Republican is running only 13 points behind the incumbent. The incumbent is below 40%, which usually means deep trouble. With a serious candidate and a little money, we’re looking at a strong possibility of a win. In a general election, Republicans get 40% of the vote in the 43rd Ward.”

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