Illinois Tea Party message to Illinois Republican Congressmen Schock, Kinzinger, Roskam, Davis, Shimkus and Hultgren

You were sent to DC by Republican voters to fight for limited government, begin reducing the debt, defund Obamacare, and stand up against the President’s over-reach with illegal Executive Actions and massive new legislation.

Year after year, you vote to bankrupt our children and grandchildren without even reading bills. This year the legislation actually funds President Obama’s unilateral, unlawful, unconstitutional Executive Action (as confirmed by each of YOU and the President himself!) that includes granting quasi-legal status, work permits, Social Security numbers, and access to virtually our entire social ‘safety net’ to those who are in the country illegally.

In a new position of strength, all Congress had to do was pass a short term CR and let the new Congress take a new direction towards fiscal sanity.

Instead, you voted for a massive omnibus bill filled with ‘Christmas goodies’ which will continue to bankrupt our nation, open the door for banks to repeat the same irresponsible mistakes of the past with derivatives, and fund Obamacare and the President’s Executive Action.

With a newly elected Republican Governor, THIS was your opportunity to stand united and show Illinois voters the benefits of conservative values!  You have failed Illinois, and your constituents again.

Will your new campaign finance rules for near-limitless donations from the Chamber of Congress and big business really be able to provide the votes each of you will need to be re-elected? All we asked you to do was defend the constitution, which you were sworn to do. 

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6 Responses to Illinois Tea Party message to Illinois Republican Congressmen Schock, Kinzinger, Roskam, Davis, Shimkus and Hultgren

  1. jneel2014 says:

    There is only one word for the deception: Traitors

  2. kt4ever says:

    you may add Godless to the word Traitors

  3. Carol says:

    What you have done is beyond disgust! We are your bosses and yet you do not understand that you were not sent to DC to vote against us but to represent us, We are the taxpayers, you do not fund the government or receive your salary from your own pockets and yet you kick us every chance you get. You should have learned that voters have finally stood up and said ENOUGH and you refuse to listen, so I am here to tell you that voters will remember what you have done and you will never get away with it in the future. Your days in office are numbered.

  4. Gerard H Schilling says:

    Despicable and Boehner deserves to loose his Speakership over this treachery. We need a guy like Trey to replace this bum and send a lesion to the rest of these RINOs.

  5. Trip says:

    Yep what’s your point? Banality? I can envision while reading this empty and toothless open letter Denise Cattoni shaking her finger in their faces as they all giggle like little school boys while the school marm tells them how naughty they have been. Damaging.

  6. Beckncall says:

    You can put lipstick on a pig but its still a pig. No matter how these representatives try to spin this, they let the entire country down by voting for this huge, freedom robbing piece of garbage. Thousands of Americans called Washington DC demanding, begging these Representatives to vote against this bill, yet they ignored the will of the people. Representatives Schock, Kinzinger, Roskam, Davis, Shimkus and Hultgren when you voted to support this bill you slapped the face of every American with your disregard for our opinion concerning this matter. The US Constitution says WE THE PEOPLE, not us the congress. This voted has burdened this nation with more of President Obama’s fundamental transformation and furthered his progressive agenda. Obamacare is destroying our economy, our lives and our healthcare system. It robs us of our freedoms to choose our own Doctor and our own care. As if that isn’t bad enough you have made it perfectly clear you are far more compassionate to people who’s first act upon crossing our borders is to break US law than you are to people that are your own constituents. Leaders in the House and Senate seem to think the American people aren’t as deserving of your consideration as any other people from any other country. You seem to think Americans do not deserve any kind of temporary assistance or jobs in the country even though we have built this country with hard work, paid taxes, served and in the military where MANY have DIED to keep our country free.
    The day you signed this bill you killed our country. You shredded the US constitution and caused damage that may never be repaired. In addition to the destruction you have caused, you have also made yourselves obsolete. The President is writing executive orders well enough now, soon he will not need congress at all.
    With this vote you disrespected everything and everyone American. Not one of you deserve another term and most certainly do not deserve the honor of serving the good people of Illinois.
    I am disappointed and ashamed of what you have become. From this day forward, I will never with a clear conscience be able to trust any of you again.

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