House Oversight Committee Demands FCC Turn Over Unredacted Net Neutrality Emails With White House

Daily Caller –

The House Oversight Committee on Friday ordered Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler to hand over unredacted versions of emails discussing net neutrality with the White House, which the FCC asked for input on redactions prior to disclosure.

Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz sent a letter to Wheeler on Friday asking the FCC head to turn over unredacted communications between his office and high-level White House employees discussing net neutrality, which were first obtained by Vice News via a Freedom of Information Act request.

Those emails, which Chaffetz requested from Wheeler earlier this month in order to assess whether the White House exerted inappropriate influence over the FCC’s new net neutrality proposal, were reportedly “heavily…redacted at the behest of the White House.”

“I requested, among other things, all communications between and among FCC personnel and the White House, the National Economic Council, the Office of Management and Budget, and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration relating to net neutrality, the open Internet proceeding, the classification of broadband, or the regulation of broadband Internet access service between January 14, 2014, and the present,” Chaffetz wrote.


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