By Nancy Thorner – 

There is more behind the facade of what Jeb Bush stands for than meets the eye. As detailed in Part 1, “Jeb Bush, a conservative, a moderate, or a globalist,” Jeb didn’t allow challengers to stand in his way when running and winning the governorship three times in Florida. Although it has been reported that Jeb Bush governed as a conservative, in the interim Bush has taken positions that mirror those of Democrats, specifically with amnesty and Common core.

During Jeb Bush’s recent appearance at C-PAC he captured 5th placed percentage-wise. During an interview conducted by Sean Hannity Bush spoke of himself as a “reform-minded conservative.” It is interesting that Jeb Bush was open to a question and answer session with Sean Hannity, but not to a direct confrontation with the C-PAC audience. Of even greater interest is why Jeb Bush is seemingly being pushed as the anointed Republican presidential candidate for 2016.

Part of the answer is found in Phyllis Schlafly’s book, “A Choice Not An Echo.” Schlafly details how in early 1936 a little group of secret kingmakers (prominent financiers and industrialists) laid long-range plans to control the Republican Party. This group has used every trick to dictate the choice of the Republican presidential nominee up to now, although failing in their selections of Bob Dold and John McCain. It was the kingmakers who were responsible for derailing and destroying Senator Barry Goldwater in the election of 1964. For the kingmakers, it was anyone but Goldwater, preferring, as they did, the continuation of the policies of Democrat incumbent Lyndon Johnson to those of Goldwater. With this in mind, there is every reason to believe the kingmakers of today, although faces have changed, are partial to Jeb Bush as the 2016 Republican presidential nominee?

Entities that embrace the “One World, Centralized Political System

The kingmakers are not the only entity who believe Jeb Bush fits the criteria of what a presidential candidate must stand for and represent. The author’s goal is to set forth the tangled web of Common Core as it relates to what the U.N.; non-governmental organizations; and the elitist, establishment members of the Republican Party all wish to achieve in the future: One World Government, often called Globalism.  One World Government is a project of the elites.  It’s presently on track to become the social and political agenda of the 21st century.  Jeb Bush, as a globalist, would lead this nation’s ship in the right direction, while Common Core Standards would enable the process.

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