Election Integrity

Your country needs you.

Yes, YOU!

YOU can make a difference in the upcoming elections. Here’s how . . .

Motto:    Your vote — a sacred trust.

Mission: To insure the integrity of elections in Illinois by empowering citizens to use preventative measures

                   to stop negligence, fraud and abuse during elections in Illinois.

Method: Implement the following six Election Integrity Initiatives for Illinois.

1.) EDUCATION: Educate citizens about election corruption in Illinois. Educated citizens will be able to recognize and report sloppy practices, fraud, abuse.


New Illinois Law 2013:  online voter registration and singles out Lake Co. election law

Supreme Court Rules that voters do not need to prove citizenship

Doing the DOJ’s Job forThem:Demanding Valid Voter Rolls Before November:
The Disfranchisement of Our Military Voters

A report on the ongoing investigation of election day irregularities

Studies of Voting Technology


2.) CLEAN UP THE ROLLS: Join Honest Elections Illinois/Empowered byTrue the Vote (TX) in their efforts to clean up voter rolls.



3.) REGISTER VOTERS: Become certified as Voter Registrars throughout the state, and hold the largest voter registration drives possible.

4.) ENSURE THE MILITARY VOTE: Work with our veterans’ organization partners to ensure that every county sends absentee ballots to our military ONTIME, secures those ballots’ PROMPT return, and COUNTS EVERY MILITARY BALLOT.


5.) ACCOUNTABILITY: Compile an Election Best Practices Report Card and grade all 102 counties in Illinois, rating them on their compliance and reporting the results.

6.) WATCH AT THE POLLS: Become an Election Judge in your own Election Jurisdiction. Get paid to make sure that the election is fair and honest! Contact your local election officials to find out the local procedures for becoming an Election Judge.

If you cannot become an Election Judge, the Illinois Election Integrity Project will offer online Poll Watcher training. This training will be offered for educational purposes. Once you have taken the training, connect with your favorite local candidate and offer to become a poll watcher for their campaign. To be notified when the online training is available, send an email to: mailto:info@IEIP.org

Carol Davis



                                                                 Chairwoman, Election Integrity Team
The universe is not rich enough to buy the vote of an honest man.
~St.Gregory the Great
Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.
~George Jean Nathan

2 Responses to Election Integrity

  1. Jerry Clark says:

    Where are the conservatives?
    There are 5 conservatives on the Carol Stream Library Board that are under constant attack. An extremely radical group (approximately 100) has formed since last July to unseat them in the coming spring election.
    Another conservative is running for the Fire Department board and he is under attack.
    The Daily Harold “comments” constantly run these individuals down. They will most likely lose the election the way things stand.
    Why? I can only think of one word – apathy. We’re not asking for money, although it pays nothing, we’re giving our time and money trying to give you smaller tax bills and a transparent government and there seems to be no one there for us.

    “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”
    Albert Einstein

    • John Titor says:

      Q. Where are the conservatives?
      A. Carol Stream “Conservatives “are at the polls voting in the liberals (and not blue dog types -radicals)

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