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14 Responses to Events Calendar

  1. Mary Ann Eiler says:

    I have tried for nearly a year to get contact information for Oak Park Illinois or River Forest TEAPARTY groups. They are listed but no contact info. Can you provide this information for me? e.g., near Western Suburbs of Chicago? Everytime I have emailed the Tea Pary State office I get the same reply — look for the groups online but when I do (as indicated above) there is no contact information. I do not drive so I cannot go distances.

    • iteap says:

      Look at the Illinois group page for all the contact information. There are other groups that are not associated with Illinois Tea as well. However, I am not personally aware of a group in Oak Park/River Forest. Probably the closest to you is the Chicago TEA party or DuPage Tea Party (Southeast Dupage.) The other group that might work for you is West Suburban Patriots in Wheaton. We are here to help you! If you would like to start a group in your area let me know and someone will contact you to give you ideas on where to start.

  2. Diane says:

    Isn’t the “Audit the IRS” rally on June 19th? Are there any plans for a bus from the NW suburbs to go to this rally?

    • Alicia Quinn says:

      You are “Right”. 🙂 I was just looking for a contact button to let them know.

      I live in Bloomingdale and will be attending.

      • Diane says:

        I couldn’t find anyway to contact someone other than making a comment here. How are you getting to DC. Are you flying or have you heard anything about a bus from our area. I live in Lake Zurich.

      • iteap says:

        Go to the Illinois Tea Party Facebook page. There are some people there trying to arrange car pools.

    • Alicia says:

      I’m in the same boat Diane. I was going to drive, but need someone to share expenses with. I just got an email saying they didn’t have enough people to get a bus, but I don’t remember being asked! Agh.

    • Alicia says:

      Are you on facebook? There is a thread there for people interested in carpooling.

      • Diane says:

        Hi Alicia. Thank you for responding. I never received anything about a bus either. I think if it were a little better organized we might have gotten enough people interested in a bus. I am not on facebook. Where in Illinois will you be leaving from?

  3. Patrick Celaya says:

    Is there a Lombard chapter?

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  5. kathy says:

    Lincolnway Tea Party
    Will have a coffee
    Monday, June 30th 9:30 a.m.
    Frankfort Township (Grey – New Building)
    11000 W. Lincoln Highway(route 30), Frankfort, IL
    (across from Kohl’s Department Store
    All patriots are welcome.

  6. I am currently viewing your web site on my mobile phone but I believe previously looking at your website on my desktop computer there was a decree that the Northern Illinois tea party is “non partisan.”

    The RINO in my sites is Adam Kinzinger, 16th Congressional. I duly note that someone is running against him in the primary. However, this individual is a bit unhinged firstly by refusing any tea party assistance and secondly decided not to pay taxes due to Christian reasons. Do not get me wrong, I know Christians are being persecuted by the media and politicians today, but a candidate running with the tax cheat background do the Christian reasons is not going to fly in northeastern Illinois. If he were running as a Democrat then all would be forgiven.

    I think the Northern Illinois Tea Party would agree with me that after the passing of this porkulous $1.2-Trillion bill what Obama can do his dance in celebration that he got everything he wished for, that Mr Kinzinger has to go just like Mr Cantor did.

    If by some miracle the Challenger takes out Kinzinget, then excellent and I will choose not to run. I am doubtful this will be the outcome.

    The essence of this response is that I am trying to explore support about running against Kinzinger as a third party candidate.

    I know this may habe hit you a bit sideways, but if you really considered a situation as of reading this submission, there really is not much different between most Republicans and most Democrats. Kinzinger is pro amnesty, pro big government ,pro-porkulous spending, Pro bringing the Syrian refugees here, Pro keeping the illegal aliens here, xenocentric, and a citizenphobe.

    if you really dig deep down, which is more important to you: to see Kinzinger continue to stab the 16th district in the back? or would it be better to take him out even if that means letting a Democrat win the seat for a couple years. I am no Democrat, but I am NOT a Republican anymore either because I think the Republican Party is just a bunch of donors or puppet on strings of the donors.

    I am now an independent nationalist like Donald Trump. He is the de facto third party candidate running as a Republican. I would similarly run with the same platform that he is running on except my platform with include repealing Obamacare.


    Essentially what I will need from tea parties is grassroots signature gathering for the petition of Canidacy. I generally hope to have enough money to buy all signage and such as that.

    My question to your organization is would you be willing to help a candidate like me or someone else such like me? As far as I know its only me until someone else better comes along. you are the first of many tea party organizations that I will contact in the 16th congressional district.

    Thank you for reading my submission and I would appreciate any response from you even if it is to say, “no thanks.”

    In faith and in defense of our country,

    Michael P. Dunagan

  7. SmokeyJoe says:

    Is there someone working on this website, like updating it?

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