Illinois Groups

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15 Responses to Illinois Groups

  1. nick petitte says:

    I was active at tea party rallies in 2010 and it made a difference, where are the local organizers?
    All I get now are emails asking for money, organizers are needed –not fundraisers–it doesn’t take money to email a patriot for a planned rally..

    • boz says:

      Nick Petitte, I agree. I’m outraged by what is currently going on, but it seems like all the “Tea Party” the party of the people, is just interested in money and email addresses. I want so desperately to get involved and help stem the current tide of lawlessness, but, I feel so alone right now. Any legitimate Tea Party People out there? I’m starting to feel this is going the way of the old Libertarian party. It is so depressing.

      • boz says:

        By the way, I’m in Manito, IL, just outside Peoria/Pekin, I really need to find an organized group.

      • John says:

        I live in Appleton….we have the same problems in our area…we have Tea Party groups, but only a handful of people are “in the know” and while there are a handful of meetings per month, little change is created…they consider themselves educators, not change makers.

  2. Judy Furlow says:

    I don’t see a Tea Party in Plainfield. Do they not have one here?

  3. Catherine says:

    Huntley Area Tea Party has two meetings a month. 1st Wed luncheon. 3rd Wed evening meeting. Contact through website. We’d enjoy you joining us!

  4. Judy Furlow says:

    I attend the Wheaten West Suburban Patriots with a friend but wondered if we had one in Plainfield.
    I looked at the list and there is none in Plainfield and I have no idea where Huntley area is.
    Judy Furlow

    • iteap says:

      The Lemont Tea Party would be closer for you. Another option would be the DuPage Tea Party (very active) which meets right off 55 in Darien.

  5. Judy Furlow says:

    I have been going with my fiancée to the one in Wheaten since he comes to pick me up and take me for now but we will be getting married so might go to the Dupage Tea Party off 55 in Darian
    Thanks for your help

  6. Boog says:

    That’s an inigllteent answer to a difficult question xxx

  7. Reva Moore says:

    I sent a donation the first of January to the Illinois Tea Party and the check has not been cashed. The check for the Nat’l Tea Party went through my bank weeks ago. Could someone check this out to see if the check even made it to the Illinois Tea Party offices.
    Thanks for your help!

  8. Jim Neal says:

    I am interested in finding Stop Common Core groups in the southwest suburbs around Plainfield and Joliet. I would appreciate any help anyone can give me. Thanks

  9. Smokey Joes Cafe says:

    Any Tea Party members sick and tired of Illinois Republicans, especially the rino Mark Kirk.

  10. Bob Rosenthal says:

    EVERYBODY should know there is a real danger of putting faith in someone who has little moral standards.
    And Hillary Clinton has NO moral standards. Nor her supporters in Chicago Tea Party!
    A vote against Donald Trump is a vote for Hillary Rodham Rosenberg Clinton.
    Bye, bye, Neocons!!!

    Bob Rosenthal

  11. ron says:

    If you guys are for real, why not stop the red light cameras?!

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