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What will health insurance cost in the new health insurance exchanges?

If you want to see just how expensive “Government approved” health insurance will be in the new health insurance exchanges. Just click on the Kaiser Family Institute’s Exchange Calculator here. Or, you can use the online Obamacare health insurance exchange “Marketplace” by clicking here. Good luck logging in though. The system crashed 90 minutes after it opened. You should see the following image when you get to the Obamacare insurance exchange ‘Marketplace”. Have fun!

exchange holding point
Now that you’ve chosen the Kaiser Calculator instead, enter the average annual income for a family of four according to the 2011 U.S. Census report. That number is $51,144.  First, look at the “unsubsidized health insurance premium“. This is theactual  premium for the health insurance. As you can see, the cost of these policies are extremely expensive. Worse yet, the cheapest plan – the Bronze plan – exposes a family to $12,700 in out of pocket risk each year. Why?  Because the “Affordable Care Act” mandates that all of  these Preventative Care benefits must be provided to the policy holder with no copay, deductible or any other out of pocket expense. Add to all of those newly mandated Preventative Care benefits, the recently added “Essential Health Benefits” which will also now be included on all health insurance policies sold within the exchanges as of 1/1/2014.

Insurance exchange

As I have mentioned many times before, Government imposed mandates on health insurance carriers are the primary driver behind high health insurance costs. Historical precedent proves this. In 1979 there were a total of 252 mandates forced upon the health insurance industry nationwide, by 2007 there were nearly 1900. Today, there are more than 2,262 mandates. The new “Affordable Care Act” mandates will drive up health insurance costs even higher.

Still using the calculator? Take a look at how much the consumer will actually payfor their health insurance once the few, the proud, the 51% of us who still pay income taxes have subsidized their premium. The “Affordable Care Act” doubles down on what I call “Consumer Detachment Syndrome”. This ‘syndrome’ is a result of WW2 era legislation that tied health insurance to employers. Since many employers pay much of the cost of health insurance for their employees as an added benefit. Many consumers have no idea what health insurance truly costs until they lose their job and receive a COBRA continuation premium that rivals the size of their mortgage payment.

This “Detachment Syndrome” will continue with the “Affordable Care Act” since many consumers will not see these massive new tax payer subsidies when they purchase health insurance in the exchanges. Instead, they will believe that the “Affordable Care Act” magically reduced the cost of health insurance, just like the President promised. And, the burden on the tax payer will continue to increase. Sadly, there are not enough producers to tax to sustain this massive new entitlement for long. This means that the printing and borrowing will continue at the Federal level and the cost of all of this will be passed on to our children and grandchildren. Either way, the “Affordable Care Act” is unsustainable.

States like Massachusetts have already developed a state -based health insurance exchange. In fact, the exchange in Massachusetts is the prototype that will be used to develop other health insurance exchanges under the PPACA. There’s only one problem, the cost to taxpayers. At last count, the Massachusetts health care overhaul initiated by Mitt Romney has cost taxpayers more than $8 Billion. The Federal tax credits provided to other states who make the catastrophic budgetary mistake to develop a state-based PPACA exchange should be equally staggering.

Still have that calculator open? Enter $30,000 for a family of four and $15,000 for an individual. As you can see, those people will not be getting health insurance. In fact, according to the latest CBO assessment, 17 million of them will receive a Government WELFARE program called Medicaid instead. Medicaid is the worst and most dangerous health care program ever devised by man. Even though the President promised “Affordable Health Insurance for all Americans.”

Medicaid expansion places governors, tax payers and employers between a rock and hard place.

Arguably the only ‘good thing’ about U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Robert’s decision in July 2012 to not strike down the PPACA was his decision to provide governors a choice to expand their Medicaid rolls to the levels specified in the PPACA. In fact, this part of Robert’s ruling has been referred to by many as the only ‘silver lining’. In the end, however that perception depends upon who you ask. Many taxpayers are against the expansion because it will most certainly massively inflate state budgets all across the country. Many of which already point to Medicaid as their biggest line item.

Whether you use the Kaiser Family Foundation estimates, the Cato Institute estimates or the Congressional Budget Office. The expansion of Medicaid under the PPACA will put a significant new burden on the taxpayer. This is because the PPACA promises 100% matching federal Medicaid dollars for years 2014 through 2016 and 90% for years 2020 onward for states that elect to expand their Medicaid rolls.Even President Obama’s Medicare Actuary Charles Blahous doubts that promise. Most especially since the President’s own submitted budgets, as well as the bipartisan Simpson–Bowles Commission, and the budget resolution passed by the House of Representatives in 2012 already call for trimming Medicaid spending by a minimum of $100 billion.

And, unlike Supreme Court justice Elana Kagan who famously said during PPACA oral arguments: “It’s just a boatload of federal money to take and spend on poor people’s healthcare. It doesn’t sound very coercive to me.” We taxpayers realize that  ‘a boatload of federal money‘ comes from taxpayers and taxes themselves are inherently coercive.

Whilst the Obama administration touts the fact that the PPACA calls for the aforementioned matching federal funding for those who will be newly eligible for Medicaid in 2014. It is far less vocal about the fact that it only provides the existingor Traditional FMAP percentage match rate for the millions of Americans who were always eligible for Medicaid but either never knew they were or never bothered to enroll. These ‘old eligibles’ will now be required by federal law to maintain ‘minimum essential coverage‘ via Medicaid. Which means that they will all be enrolling in 2014 in order to avoid problems with the IRS. How much will the Traditional FMAP federal percentage match be in 2014? In states like Illinois and others it will be only 50%.


Who picks up the other half? That’s right, the state tax payer. Keep in mind Illinois taxpayers that this new tax increase will be in addition to the 66.66% tax increaseGovernor Quinn already imposed upon you in January 2011 and the $350 million additional tax increase in May 2012. How much will picking up the other half of the cost to enroll ‘old eligibles’ cost Illinois taxpayers? See the chart below. I’ll bet it’s closer to the CATO institute’s estimate of $10.1 billion.


The Illinois Policy Institute predicts that 1 in 3 Illinois residents will be Medicaid recipients by 2019 if Governor Quinn’s desire to expand Medicaid under the PPACA becomes law in Illinois. Worse yet, on January 30, 2012, the Civic Federation released its “Budget Roadmap” for the coming fiscal year. In it, they highlight the fact that state officials now believe that the Illinois Medicaid program will have between $21 and $23 billion in UNPAID bills by 2017. ‘Forward’…. to bankruptcy.

However, that’s just the cost to Illinois taxpayers. How many people nationwideare ‘old eligibles’? This 2010 article in the New England Journal of Medicine estimates that number to be 9 million Americans. Total cost to the states to enroll all of these ‘old eligibles’ on to Medicaid nationwide will be $931 Billion according to the Congressional Budget Office’s latest assessment. Keep in mind that those CBO assessments are only for years 2014 through 2022. What many governors are concerned about is what such a new commitment will cost state tax payers after the first 8 years? Well, we know what will happen after the first 6 years because beginning in 2020 the 100% federal Medicaid match rate for newly eligible recipients drops to 90%. This means that state taxpayers will pick up the other 10%. That alone will add billions to state budgets. However, a far more important question governors should be asking is what happens after the first 2 years?

You see the PPACA’s answer to improving Medicaid is to raise the amount the federal government pays to doctors who take MedicAID patients to a level commensurate to what the federal government pays to doctors who takeMediCARE patients. Their thought process behind doing so is that more doctors will accept Medicaid under this arrangement because the reimbursement rate will be far higher. There’s only one problem. The federal government only provides funding for this massive increase in Medicaid reimbursement ratios for the first 2 years. Afterward, state tax payers are on the hook for the rest.

This, more than anything else related to Medicaid expansion is a fiscal ticking time bomb for state budgets and one that is not being discussed nearly enough. Furthermore, just wait until hospitals – who are forced to treat emergency patients under EMTALA – start pressuring states for reimbursement of more than $11 billion in annual federal payment cuts for uncompensated care. Hospitals are a powerful lobbying force and they will lobby hard for that money.

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From C. Steven Tucker at TheTruthAboutObamacare.com

The TRUTH About Preexisting Conditions

emember when President Obama said “Health Insurance companies can raise your premiums when you get sick” and “Health insurance companies can cancelyour coverage when you get sick”? The truth is that Federal laws established more than 17 years ago already prohibit any Health Insurance company from raising your health insurance premium when you get sick or from ‘canceling coverage when you get sick.’ To add insult to injury, the President told the following LIES during a joint session of congress. Watch what he said below:

Really Mr. President? Here’s the truth from Politifact the Chicago Sun Times and Fox News. Watch their coverage below:

Then there was the LIE the President told about his own mother. In 2008 and again in the film created for Barack Obama entitled “The Road We’ve Traveled” – narrated by Tom Hanks. Watch him tell this lie in the video below:

In the book “A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s mother.” by journalist Janny Scott. Scott reviewed letters from the President’s mother – Anne Dunham – to CIGNA (the insurance company), and revealed the dispute was over disability coverage, not health insurance coverage. Disability coverage helps replace lost wages due to an illness. This story had absolutely nothing to do with her health insurer refusing to pay her medical bills. In fact, she had excellent health insurance, the hospital billed her health insurer directly and her health insurer paid her medical bills, less her deductible and applicable co pays.

Worse yet, the President described his mother as an indigent woman who was ‘pretty much drained of her resources.’ The truth is Anne Dunham received a base pay in 1995 of $82,500, plus a housing allowance and a car, to work in Indonesia for Development Alternatives Inc. of Bethesda. Today, adjusting for inflation, that salary would be equivalent to $123,500. This is far from indigent. Today, the Washington Post rightfully gives this story ‘Three Pinocchios”

What about the women who the President said had her cancer treatment denied because of acne? Well, as you may have guessed by now. That too is a lie. According to ABC News, “President Obama’s description that Beaton’s ‘insurance company canceled her policy because she forgot to declare a case of acne’ is not accurate.

As Robin Lynn Beaton’s congressman, Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas, testified, the Blue Cross/Blue Shield letter ‘informed Ms. Beaton that an investigation into her claims for benefits resulted in the company reviewing her medical records in which they discovered that she has misinformed them on several pieces of information. One of them was that she did not list her weight accurately, and the other, that she had failed to disclose some medication she had taken for a preexisting heart condition.”

Blue Cross discovered the previous condition after her visit to the dermatologist for acne but her insurance was not canceled because she didn’t declare a case of acne.”

By now, you may be asking. ‘Who are you to call the President of the United States a liar?’ Let me answer that. I have been a multi-state licensed health and life insurance Broker for more nearly 20 years now. I have also served as a Subject Matter Expert for multiple business journals around our great country. One of the biggest challenges I’ve had to deal with  throughout the years has been trying to secure coverage for people with preexisting conditions who obtain their health insurance on the individual market. They represent 10% of the American insured.

I’ve never had to worry about preexisting conditions with the other 90% of American insured’s who get their health insurance through an Employer Sponsored Group plan. Why? Because A Federal law called HIPAA has protected them against being denied health insurance because of preexisting conditions for more than 17 years now.

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From John Boehner: WH Twisting Arms to Save Obamacare Rationing Board

 White House Twisting Arms to Save ObamaCare Rationing Board Despite Bipartisan Opposition
March 15, 2012 | Posted by Katie Boyd ( @KEBoyd ) | Permalink
According to a report in Inside CMS , Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius attended a meeting of House Democrats last week “to twist the arms” of those “who favor repealing” ObamaCare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) – a group of 15 unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats given the authority to deny care to millions of American seniors under Democrats’ government takeover of health care . The White House’s lobbying effort came as the House held its third bipartisan vote in support of the Medicare Decisions Accountability Act (H.R. 452), legislation repealing the ObamaCare rationing board that is supported by doctors , seniors , and advocates for the disabled .
In an op-ed in Forbes this week, Grace-Marie Turner, President of the Galen Institute, highlights bipartisan opposition to the ObamaCare rationing board:
“The IPAB repeal bill, sponsored by Rep. Phil Roe (R-TN), received bi-partisan support as it made its way through House committees, showing that Democrats are equally worried about the power of the board to usurp the job of the people’s elected representatives.”
Broad support for repealing IPAB is just one of several major problems facing ObamaCare as it heads to the Supreme Court this month. On Tuesday, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office issued a report that “unravels how the Democrats used budget gimmicks to hide the true cost of the health care law,” “revealing a shocking new sticker price of $1.8 trillion,” the House Energy & Commerce Committee explains. And today, in response to a request received from House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) , the CBO exposed another one of ObamaCare’s broken promises, “finding that three to five million Americans will be pushed out of their employer-provided health insurance each year from 2019 through 2022,” the Budget Committee reports. Burgeoning costs and jeopardized coverage are just a few of the many broken ObamaCare promises that are hurting American families and making it harder for small businesses to hire new workers (see more: here and here .)
The Medicare Decisions Accountability Act represents another step forward in the House Republican majority’s commitment to dismantle the government takeover of health care plank by plank. The House has already voted to fully repeal and defund ObamaCare , and will continue working to protect American families and small businesses from the fallout of its many broken promises in the weeks and months ahead. Follow our progress by “liking” the Pledge to America on Facebook: facebook.com/pledgetoamerica .

(202) 225-0600 | SPEAKER.GOV

Labor Unions – ObamaCare Waivers

The Daily Caller

Labor unions continued to receive the overwhelming majority of waivers from the president’s health care reform law since the Obama administration tightened application rules last summer.

Documents released in a classic Friday afternoon news dump show that labor unions representing 543,812 workers received waivers from President Barack Obama‘s signature legislation since June 17, 2011.

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  1. Carl says:

    You people live in a delusional bubble of fear and hatred. I think most of you are decent people, but you have been emotionally manipulated by the right wing propagandists. Seriously, do yourselves a favor and research these issues on your own. Steer clear of fox “news” and hate radio, fact check with non-partisan sources, and you will see the extent that you have been deliberately misinformed.

    • Tom Kite says:

      Thanks Carl…I’ve taken your advice and checked facts. New health care law has raised my premium and I’ve lost my primary care doctor. Wait till 2014 when full affects of law kick-in. Please come back then and let me know your feelings about ACA. That’s a genuine request and I would like to know if you still feel the same.

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