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The Watseka/Iroquois County TEA Party joined forces with Illinois Wind Watch and Energize Illinois due to the industrial wind farms coming to Iroquois County.  The Sheldon Illinois Settler’s Trail has 95 towers in the process of being installed.  The Iroquois County board is in a moratorium until June, 2011.  The reason for the conflict is whether to have 1,500 ft setback or a 2,000 ft. setback from a non-participant landowner, and also the board is needing to research the decommissioning cost of a tower. The board was not sure who would be responsible in paying the decommissioning, the landowner, taxpayer, or county.
The main reason the Iroquois County Tea Party took on this fight was because the wind farms goes against one of our three core values, “fiscal responsibility.”  The cost to the taxpayer in government subsidies per wind tower is appx. 1.8 million dollars.  Twenty percent of $3 M per turbine.  That is the main reason Watseka/Iroquois County TEA Party has gotten involved.  After digging into this subject, the Tea Party has learned the government is more involved in the wind farms than anyone could ever imagine.  Here are some links to research and also you may find more information and articles at the following websites.



84% of the $1.05 billion handed out by the U.S. Government (stimulus money) since September has gone to foreign companies. “US Wind Turbines: Blame the Europeans-Or Blame Shortcomings on Policy” Financial News 10-3-09

For every green job created, 2.2 jobs were lost in industries harmed by higher electricity costs. (Spain)  “Where Do The Jobs Go?  Debate Continues Over Who Benefits From Wind Farm Projects” St. Joseph News Press 2-28-10

The fact that every single…U.S. taxpayer and ratepayer is footing the bill that enables the wind industry to exist, gives all of us the right, and the obligation, to speak out against this giant swindle.  “Spokeswoman Discounts Opinions of Perry Residents” Batavia Daily News 9-18-09

Renewable energy is not a free lunch.  It is an unprecedented assault on the American landscape.  Lamar Alexander, Senate Environment/Public Works committee, “Energy Sprawl and the Green Economy” Wall Street Journal 9-17-09


Wind Farm Health & Safety Risks 

Renewable Portfolio Standards States

Denmark has windmills everywhere – here’s a story about how they are sick of them

Decommissioning Costs

Subsidies – Crony Capitalism

The Miserable Hum of Clean Energy – Article on noise

What is “Shadow Flicker”?

Noise and Shadow Flicker Video – Seeing is believing


Wind Farms in Adams County

Wind Turbine Noise in Libertyville Illinois!

Windfall the Movie

No Wind Farms

Industrial Wind Action Group

Informed Farmers Coalition


Energize Illinois:

Illinois Wind Watch:  

If you have any questions please contact Barb or myself.  We hope that you will join our WindWatch group and help us make a difference here in Illinois.

Thank You,

Carol Gerwin –
Barb Offill –


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